Figaro Digital Marketing Summit Roundup: 30 January 2020 (Part Two)

by Eleanor Pyne Figaro Digital

Continuing the run-through of presentations from Part One of our Digital Marketing Summit roundup, we explore the rest of the day’s talks. Don’t forget to continue the conversation on Twitter at @Figaro_Digital. If you would like any of the slides shown in the presentations, please email

The Neon Future: How Are Digital Team Structures, Practices, and Cultures Evolving?

In this interactive talk, Stuart Munton from AND Digital discusses how the nature of our working lives may change in the next three to five years. Using a series of polls taken by the audience, Stuart discusses research relating to topics such as team size, working hours, the use of SCRUM, specialist roles, co-location, and AI, and how the ways in which we currently operate under these parameters will change in the not-so-distant future.

View Stuart’s presentation here.

How to Increase ROI by Reinvesting Your Media Budget into Content

Content is often an afterthought for businesses trying to increase their customer conversion rates, and it can be hard to persuade a board to invest in it. Curated Founder Simon Douglass explains why content shouldn’t be devalued or reduced to a blog site, and provides various case studies on how his Seven Cs Framework, which makes content a priority, has been successful in customer conversion. He will explain how clients have used his “gap analysis” strategy to improve their Google rankings.

View Simon’s presentation here.

How to Create a Winning Video Marketing Strategy

Holding your audience’s attention is a competitive business – every minute, 300 hours of video, and 1,400 blog posts are going up online, and it’s becoming more difficult to get our content noticed. Only three out of 10 marketers feel their content is effective and, in this talk, Jon Mowat, Managing Director at Hurricane, provides some tips on how to make sure you’re one of those three, and not one of the seven that don’t. Jon will look at why video marketing works, covering two of the main reasons it works so well: targeting and emotional stories.

View Jon’s presentation here.

Four Ways for Your Customer Marketing to Be Practical, Pragmatic, and Progressive in 2020

Delivering a customer marketing strategy is difficult and you have to be super canny to make it happen – a year is a very long time in the world of customer marketing, and it can be difficult to keep to your plans and growth objectives. Any number of factors can come in and throw you off course and that, in turn, can mean you don’t meet the potential of your initial strategy. Stuart Russell, Client Services Director at Planning-inc, explains how you can keep your customer marketing practical, pragmatic, and progressive in 2020.

Decode Your Customers’ Unconscious Mind for Your Marketing Strategy

Without motivation, nothing happens. You can be motivated to do and buy all sorts of things online – but why would someone be motivated to make a purchase? LAB’s Head of Consumer Neuroscience Beatrice Andrew explains why it is important to focus on customer motivation in our marketing strategy, and how we can use psychology to motivate people to buy.

View Bea’s presentation here.

Don’t Build Websites. Build Digital Products.

Many websites are stuck in a place where they have merely replaced what a brochure used to do, with no real interactive element to them. Shaun Miller Digital Strategy and UX Consultant at Codehouse, discusses why companies should be doing more with their websites to create a more interactive experience for the customer in order to grow their organisations.

View Shaun’s presentation here.