Figaro Digital Marketing Summit Roundup: 21 July 2021

by Eleanor Pyne Figaro Digital

Continuing the roundup of July’s Digital Marketing Summit, we have provided a summary of the talks from Part Two of the event. Topics covered include digital PR, UX, D2C marketing, and webinar strategy. You can read Part One here. 

Debunking Digital PR Myths

James Brockbank, Managing Director & Founder of Digitaloft, uses some of the data and findings from more than 100 successful campaigns that they’ve launched as an agency over the past few years to debunk some common digital PR myths.

A New Dawn for D2C Marketing: Signal, Strategy, and Attribution

When it comes to D2C marketing in 2021, plug and play is dead. A lot of the things that come standard with either Shopify or WooCommerce are also dead. Why? Because they keep changing. Gilbert Corrales, CEO & Co-founder of Leaf, explains why, while in housing has its benefits in terms of retaining control of your overall strategy and brand, you need specialists involved who understand the science behind digital marketing as well.

Creating the Best Web Experience for Your Users

Scott Jones, Founder & Managing Director at Illustrate Digital, talks about what is currently happening in the world of UX, understanding why those things are happening, and how to improve how people are interacting with  our websites.

Insider Secrets of a Webinar Strategist: Simple Tricks to Boost Webinar ROI

COVID drove a massive shift in audiences onto online events so brands could maintain their relationships with their audiences. While it’s not totally clear at the moment the direction for online versus in real-life events, brands say they’ve enjoyed the scale and reach that they’ve had with webinars so it seems that will certainly continue as part of their strategy going forward. Jeremy Stinton, Head of UK at TwentyThree, shares some secrets that they’ve learned over the last 16 months where they see that organisations can be improving their ROI from their webinar strategy.