Figaro Digital: Food & Drink Digital Marketing Conference

by Georgia Sanders

Food and Drinks Conference – Sneak Peek at our Speakers

Food and drinks brands have a content-rich corner of the market – but what should marketers be focussing on?

We spoke to some of the speakers from the upcoming Figaro Digital Food & Drink conference; Kim Gelling, European marketing director at Ella’s Kitchen, Toby Shaw, director of marketing and PR at Celebrity Cruises and Wendy Wilson-Bett, co-owner and joint MD at Peters Yard, about their top tips for food and drinks brands.

How important is it that the customer journey is at the heart of a digital marketing strategy? And how can food & drink brands ensure this happens?

TS: The customer view point is incredibly important, and understanding digital (and non-digital) touch points is fundamental to any brand and business. However, digital touchpoints are getting more diverse, more complex, and it’s hard to keep up. The best thing to do is make sure you constantly put yourself into your consumers’ shoes.

WW: I think it’s essential that digital is seen as a way fo reaching your target consumer in a way that adds value to them and makes them connect with your brand in an appropriate form and at the right time. We have customer ‘portraits’ and we try to put ourselves in our customers’ shoes, and see what digital communication works for that.

How can user-generated content enhance content marketing strategies?

KG: UGC is a key element of our content strategy as it allows our consumers to create amazing brand content with us. It’s super engaging and demonstrates that our consumers resonate with our brand and products, so much so that they’re telling their friends and online communities about us. Sharing UGC and incorporating it into our content strategy shows that we really value our consumers.

TS: UGC is good for lots of different reasons. But being UGC doesn’t make it automatically good content. People are more likely to trust people like them, so getting good, relevant consumers talking positively about your brand is never a bad idea. What is key is to make sure that content has a role in the consumer journey. UGC, like content, for its own sake won’t deliver against expectations.

What are the most important trends developing in food and drinks digital marketing?

KG: It’s important to recognise how parents interact differently online to the rest of the population and the fact that they are also in a huge period of transition which reflects in their behaviour as well.  Therefore the biggest trend we are guided by is the evolving nature of how parents seek and receive advice and how individual moments contribute to an overall path to purchase.

WW: One trend that just keeps going is sharing great shots of food. There is something rewarding about preparing a meal or selecting one at a nice restaurant and sharing it with your followers that remains massively popular. #FoodPorn isn’t going anywhere soon.

6 September – The Royal College of Physicians, Regent’s Park

Join the movers and shakers of the food world as our experts explore the innovation and consumer insights navigating the industry. This full day of presentations – tackling the complete spectrum of digital marketing opportunities – will leave you feeling inspired, empowered, and ready to drive your brand’s growth.

Speakers Include: M&S, Ella’s Kitchen, The Restaurant Group, Peter’s Yard, Great British Chefs, Meantime Brewing Company, Spinnaker, Celebrity Cruises, and Naked Wines. – Also Hipp Organic & CrowdCat

In partnership with Great British Chefs

How to register:

0207 870 3380

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