The Figaro Digital Digest: 8th September 2017

by Figaro Digital

September is here and so are those predictable school photos of children either returning for another year, or wearing their uniform for the first time. We’re here to update you on the latest news in the wonderful world of digital.

Facebook Desperate to Drive Story Engagement

Facebook has turned to Instagram to increase the visibility of Stories, a feature that has well and truly taken off. Currently, Instagram users can double-post pictures to Facebook and now the social media giant wants users to be able to do the same with Stories.

Why? Well, Facebook Stories, which launched in April this year, hasn’t been quite as popular. So, in a desperate attempt to drive engagement of Facebook Stories, Instagram users now have the option to share their Instagram Story as a Facebook Story too.

Will you be using this new feature?

Claps Could Replace Likes on Social Media

How many times do you ‘like’ something on social media? Daily? Hourly? Well, these likes could be replaced for claps. The Anchor app already uses the popular two-handed emoji as a feedback metric, and publishing platform Medium appears to be following suit.

Tap a clap once for reasonably interesting content or go to town on claps if you’re blown away – either way, you can easily display the volume of your appreciation.

However, there is a bit of a glitch. On Medium’s smartphone app it takes longer for readers to tap claps than it does on the web version. Jason Li, co-founder of web design firm TomYum, has proposed a redesign for swifter claps.

It looks like claps could be on the up in the world of social media.

30% of Search Results on Page 1 and 2 of Google Don’t Get Clicked On

Internet Marketing Ninjas has carried out a study which reveals that 30% of search results on page 1 and 2 don’t get clicked on at all. If you think that’s surprising, there’s more.

The study also revealed the following:

• Just over 21% click-through rate for a #1 ranking position
• Just over 10% click-through rate for a #2 ranking position
• Around 7.5% click-through rate for a #3 ranking position
• Click-through rates for positions 5-8 are in the 5% to 3% range

Who would have thought that the click-through rate would be so low for some of the top positions?

This is what Internet Marketing Ninjas have to say about it:

”With the introduction of the Knowledge Box, the other Rich Card formats, all of the various carousels and blended universal result types, and of course the expanded 4 pack of Paid Ads, this isn’t too surprising to us…”

Facebook is Testing Coloured Comments

Earlier this year Facebook introduced background colours for status updates. The social network has confirmed that it’s now testing a similar feature for comments.

Currently there are no plans to roll the feature out globally, but a spokesperson for Facebook wrote the following in an email to Social Pro Daily:

“We’re always exploring new ways for people to connect and have conversations, so we are testing new features on comments.”

So, it’s still in the test stage at the moment but Facebook users may soon need sunglasses to browse their news feeds – watch this space.

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