The Figaro Digital Digest: 16th September 2016

by Figaro Digital

Autumn is just a week or two away, so will the summer of digital marketing go out with a bang? Here are a few of the top stories from the industry this week:


Payments via Facebook Messenger Coming Soon

If you could make a purchase using your Facebook Messenger app would you? Well, this could become a possibility sooner than you may think.

David Marcus, VP of messaging products at Facebook, announced at the recent TechCrunch Disrupt conference that the social media network is in discussions with a number of payment providers (PayPal, Visa, MasterCard etc.) and are working on how this feature would work. Watch this space.


YouTube Community Becomes the Video Site’s New Network

For some time, YouTube has been eager to introduce more social networking features to its service, so it comes as no surprise that this week it announced the launch of a test phase YouTube Community.

YouTube Community will help video creators to engage with one another better, and more easily, using text, GIFs and images. It is hoped that this will keep users on the site for longer and prevent them from needing to exit the site to effectively communicate with online friends.

snapchat phone


Snapchat to Offer Facebook-Like Ad Targeting

Ad targeting on Facebook has long been considered by many as one of the best offerings by any social media platform, therefore it does not come as a shock that Snapchat has decided to take a leaf out of the network’s book.

Snapchat will soon allow advertisers to target ads using people’s email addresses, the type of content the user views and by people who resemble defined groups. These will be available anywhere vertical video snap ads can run and will be grouped as:

• Snap Audience Match
• Lookalikes
• Snapchat Lifestyle Categories

You Can Now Mute, Save and Edit Text Colour in Instagram Stories

Since its release a few weeks ago, Instagram Stories now has more than 100million daily active users and, to reward its new fans, Instagram has rolled out a number of new features. These include:

Saving stories – simply tap the gear icon while in the story’s interface and turn on ‘Save Shared Photos’.

Muting stories – to get rid of stories you’re not interested in and send them to the end of your story queue, hold down on the story bubble and then select the mute option at the bottom of the screen.

Coloured text – before writing, choose a colour from the selection below.


Google AdWords Releases Two New Ad Innovations

Google wants to make it easier for people to see more of what they want on mobile devices, and it’s doing this with two new changes.

The first has been deemed the ‘next generation’ of Universal App Campaigns and will allow advertisers to choose the in-app activity to optimise for across Google Search, Play, YouTube and the Google Display Network. It’ll also collect data to learn how people engage with your ads, before refining itself so the ads are best placed.

The second is YouTube’s TrueView for apps promotion which will be used to track all kinds of conversions, not just encourage purchases and downloads. These ads will appear as a call to action card alongside video ads and will be completely customisable.

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