The Figaro Digital Digest: 10th November 2017

by Liberty Marketing

Bonfire night has now come and gone again, so hopefully there’ll be no major fireworks this week. Let’s take a look at the latest marketing news to see what has been lighting up the industry.

Facebook Refunds Advertisers After Series of Errors

Facebook announced this week that it will be refunding a number of advertisers in the form of credits after errors on its mobile site and instant articles lead to videos (including ads) playing while out of view.

Although the fact this only happened on mobile curbed the impact the error had, a few hundred advertisers are set to get a credit refund of more than $5,000.


AdWords Data Studio Launches ‘Data Control’

This week Google AdWords released what it is calls ‘a new feature that makes sharing even more powerful’. AdWords Data Control will let you choose the source accounts for the data you want to see in any Data Studio report.

As it says on the AdWords blog:

‘Suppose you have set data you monitor every day in your AdWords accounts. With Data Studio, you can build a report, then use AdWords Data Control to populate the report with data from your other active accounts. That makes it easy to monitor all the data for your business while also seeing individual accounts that interest you.’

Google Search Launches Waiting Time Information

There’s nothing worse than searching for a restaurant, travelling there, only to find out there are no tables available. Google has recognised this annoyance and is now offering a waiting time system to search, which will also be available on Maps soon.

When you search for a restaurant on Google, results will now feature an estimated wait time next to the listing’s popular times section.

Google Maps Software Engineer, Quang Duong has revealed:

“Users can even scroll left and right to see a summary of each day’s wait times below the hour bar to plan ahead to beat the crowds.”

75 Per Cent of Marketing Leaders Don’t Understand Consumer Behaviour

A study by Goldsmiths University and Adobe has found that three quarters of marketing leaders admit to not understanding changing consumer behaviour, something that has a huge influence on business performance.

The study also found that 61 per cent of consumers said they’re loyal to brands that personalise experiences, however just 32 per cent of marketers are using AI to do so. There was also a stark contrast between a demand for transparency over how personal data is used and leaders recognising this, and calls for consistency versus the number of businesses providing it.

Garrett Ilg, President of Adobe EMEA, says:

“Technology has put vast choice at the consumers’ fingertips, changing the traditional concepts of loyalty forever. The constant disruption brands face today means that they must reimagine their entire customer experience. This study illustrates that the brands that do this, are reaping the benefits of a more loyal, and more profitable, customer base. As a result, organisations need to carefully examine their content and data strategies to become true experience businesses.”


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