Excelling at User Experience: Keeping Your Customer Happy

by Figaro Digital

We’re frequently told to ‘write for the user, not for robots’ and ‘the customer is always right’, but what changes can you make to your website or marketing strategy to make sure the user experience (UX) is the best it can possibly be?

Figaro Digital partners from Rufus Leonard and Chain Reaction Cycles share their insider tips:

Breathing Life into Your Brand’s Purpose

How to Seamlessly Link Your Brand and Customers with a Consistent User Experience
By Andy Marshall
Head of User Experience, Rufus Leonard

Andy states that consistency simplified lives by helping us to create mental shortcuts for everyday decisions and actions. In this video, Andy presents his thoughts on how consistency affects user experience and why it is important.

He starts his talk by explaining that there are many sides to everyone’s life and personality. The type of thing you do in work, is likely to be completely different to what you do in your spare time, and the way you behave in work is likely to differ from at home with family or friends. So, how does a marketer target all types of ‘you’? Understanding persona context is key, as ‘when we make a commitment we strive to be consistent to it’.

Consistency is about how we behave, and big brands such as Apple and Virgin do this very well. For example, Apple uses five kinds of different lighting in the photography on its website. This same lighting is then used in its stores; therefore, customers see a consistent image throughout the buyer journey.

Andy makes the note that our brains are constantly making patterns and as a result often associates similar images with one another subconsciously. This sense of familiarity will likely improve trust. That’s where consistent branding, such as logos or colours, come in – it’s consistency in aesthetics.

So, how do you put this consistency to work? Watch Andy’s presentation in full to find out. See it here.

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How to Find and Fix Customer Problems That Matter

By Mark Lilley
Head of Ecommerce, Chain Reaction Cycles

Chain Reaction Cycles are always looking to improve the user experience of its website. In this video, Mark discusses how his company uses insights and prioritisation to highlight what is really important to the user and in order to maximise conversions.

Mark notes that we’ve always had data and we will only collect more and more over time, so it is important we use it to inform our actions. It’s just deciding where to start and how to use it.

At Chain Reaction Cycles the team gathers insights with heuristic reviews, data from Google Analytics and behaviour analytics, user testing and the voice of the customer (website exit feedback, surveys and customer service feedback).

An essential part of their process is to experience the customer experience. The team will use the site on all kinds of devices, find, select and buy products, as well locate returns information to send the item back and find customer service information to get in contact.

Once all this information has been collected, Mark and his Chain Reaction Cycles colleagues will then prioritise actions based on effort and potential return.

Mark’s ending comment? ‘Listen to your customers’. See his full video presentation by clicking here.

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