Ecommerce Insights: Digital Stats From 2016’s Festivities

by Figaro Digital Figaro Digital

Whether your site had unexpected low levels of traffic or saw a surge in conversions this December, we believe you should always consult your data so you can learn from your experiences and improve next year’s performance.
So, what can you do to make Christmas 2017 your best performing yet? Well, we don’t have access to your business’ Analytics or AdWords accounts, but we have created a round-up of eCommerce and digital marketing stats from around the web this winter.
Take a look at these below to see how digital data can help your Christmas prepare for the next festive season:

When Do People Research And Buy Online?

According to a study by Qubit that looked at 74million visits to 120 UK and US ecommerce sites, the most popular time for shoppers to go online was the weekend of the 3rd and 4th of December. However, the most conversions happened a week later on the 10th and 11th, despite there being 5.51 per cent less traffic. During this second weekend, conversion rates were 10.36 per cent higher and 0.92 per cent more revenue was generated.
These statistics reflect the idea that people first research what they could buy for their loved ones or Secret Santa, before returning a few days later to make a purchase once the decision has been made. Tapping into this by providing helpful content, such as buyers’ guides, from the start of November onwards could help speed up this process and improve your customer service.

When Do People Sell Their Unwanted Gifts?

Some people re-gift their unwanted presents, and others may donate them to a local charity shop, but more and more people appear to be selling on.
According to data released by eBay advertising, there was a surge in online peer-to-peer shopping between Christmas and New Year. Why? Well, in 2015, ‘unwanted Christmas present’ was the highest searched term on Christmas Day and didn’t drop below the second most searched term before 9pm that evening.

Does Slashing Prices Encourage Sales?

According to the IMRG Capgemini eRetail Sales Index, online retailers slashed their prices this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The biggest savings were seen on electricals where the average basket value fell to £119 in November – 18.5 per cent lower than the previous month and 22.7 per cent lower than the previous year.
However, the home and garden sector saw year-on-year growth of 22.9 per cent in November, showing that a carefully planned out and marketed sale can increase conversions and make an ecommerce site more money than with full-priced items.

Anything Else Interesting?

Most people enjoy a tipple or two over the festive period and this has been reflected in research by Equimedia which found that drinks and spirits brands could do more to capitalise on growing search numbers in the run up to Christmas.

It was found that the most searches for cocktail recipes are made during Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve when people are most likely to be hosting guests and celebrating with friends and family. Despite the spike in searches for recipes, conversions are unlikely at this point as many will already have stocked up for the Christmas break. Businesses should aim to start advertising their festive deals in advance. The study also found that major brands dominate searches, but artisan-style gin is growing in popularity.

So, what can you learn from these Christmas 2016 stats? Well, if anything it’s to start early, plan in advance and don’t wait until mid December to implement your campaign. Why not take a look at your own data and see if it marries up to these findings?