Don’t Eat on the Tube: What We Tweet About Commuters

by Georgia Sanders
Image via Tseyin

As technology blossoms into whole new realms of unimaginable innovativeness, with super computers in our pockets and even WiFi on airplanes (no-one actually knows how this happens except for the high council of internet wizard elders), we humans find new and creative ways to use these platforms to complain about things.

It’s smart, it’s edgy, it’s now – it’s tweeting passive aggressively about someone with a bad haircut.

Complaining about public transport is our right as living breathing citizens of planet earth – and we exercise that right quite ardently.

Brandwatch’s new data analysis of the last month’s worth of tweets has identified over 8,500 mention of public transport across the UK – of course including the joyless vacuum of the London Underground.

So what do we hate? In a nutshell, we hate other people.

Other people with their appetites and consciousness, it’s just not right.

Firstly, we hate food. Particularly smelly food.

(Side note: We have it on good authority that our colleague Richard once saw someone take a box of cereal, a pint of milk, and a bowl out on the tube and proceed to pour himself some breakfast.)

We also, it seems, hate sociability. How dare you speak on the tube, whilst we’re trying to pretend we aren’t there?

However, whilst we profess to hate other peoples’ fashion choice – it certainly brightens up a commute when you see three separate commuters in neon pink tights (true story).

Ultimately, the release of social media complaining seems to make the morning commute a little more bearable – perhaps your food stinks; perhaps you should not be wearing eyeshadow that matches your outfit; but one thing is for certain – we’re going to really enjoy tweeting about it.


Header image via Tseyin