Digital Financial Services Roundtable Round-Up: 12th April 2016

by Stephanie Lamerton

From utilising Google AdWords to thinking outside the box when it comes to PPC advertising, to the evolution of customer acquisition, here’s a round-up of the key points learnt at our roundtable event:

Facing the Challenges of Personalised Content as a Financial Services Organisation

David Knipe, Principal Solution Architect, Episerver and John Drinkwater, Digital Marketing Manager, NFU Mutual

david knipe slideThe best presentations use examples to show how theory works in practice. That’s exactly what David and John did in this talk. The knowledgeable pair talk through the issues insurance provider NFU Mutual has tackled, from mobile responsiveness to utilising personalisation to increase engagement a conversion rates.

Something they quickly learnt during their working relationship is that “customer experience should be at the heart of everything you do”. 33% of organisations say their number one priority is around customer experience, and how Episerver and NFU Mutual achieve just this is explained in this presentation.

Watch David and John’s presentation in full here.


Getting Consumers’ Attention – And Keeping It

Aaron Suppel, Global Vice President of Digital Strategy, Tahzoo – SDLtahzoo slide

Like the digital world, the financial services industry is evolving at pace and it’s important to meet consumers’ changing expectations to not fall behind. Within this talk, Aaron explains how you can improve your digital experience across multiple channels and devices to ensure you stay ahead of your competitors.

Aaron quotes John Keats in his talk, “Nothing becomes real until it is experienced”, and he believes the financial service industry sells experiences not things. How is this achieved? Through personalisation of the individual experience.

Watch Aaron’s presentation in full here.

The Evolution of Customer Acquisition

David Sherry, Brand Specialist UK, AdRoll

Behavioural targeting and customer intent are great ways of finding and improving the probability of a conversion. In this presentation, David provides examples of how some financial service providers are utilising this data, as well as giving insight into his first-hand experience.

David says, “we want to get your brand to your users in the most intuitive and cost effective way” and one way of doing this is through a remarketing campaign. Using AdRoll’s BidIQ you can engage customers throughout the purchase-funnel and maximise the impact of your ads on both mobile devices and social media. David provides a short roundup of these possibilities.

Watch David’s presentation in full here.


Creating a Complete Video Marketing Strategy

Jon Cagle, Regional Sales Director, Northern Europe, Brightcove



Have you ever considered using video to help market your financial services? Well, many companies in the industry are adopting this visual form of marketing, but are yet to fully make the most of it. In this presentation, Jon uses best practice tips and case study examples to highlight the potential video offers and how it can help you achieve your marketing objectives.
As Jon states, “Video is everywhere!” It receives the most traffic compared to any other content type on the web and is particularly popular on mobile devices. It is engaging and “apart from being face-to-face, it is the closest we can be to people.”

Watch Jon’s full presentation here.



How AdWords Adds Up: New Ways to Think About PPC

Gareth Morgan, Managing Director, Liberty Marketing

Whether you’re a PPC novice or a proficient professional, Gareth’s insights can help the most complicated of issues seem obvious. With tips on the use of remarketing and RLSAs, Gmail native ads and customer match, his advice can help transform the way you market your financial services company.

His current passion is Gmail native ads, as he says:

“Outside of social media, people spend their time in their email accounts. It’s the second highest place where people are spending their time online” And these ads put your company right at the top of their inbox.

Watch Gareth’s full presentation here.

Generating Links and Social Engagement in the Financial Industry

Mike Jeffs, Client Services Director, Branded3

Throughout his presentation Mike looks at how the SEO industry has changed over the last five years and uses financial services case studies to discuss the challenges of achieving digital PR success in this area.

From Google’s recently updated quality guidelines to data from internal analysts, there are a number of useful resources to help improve your marketing efforts. And if utilised correctly, can help increase the number of conversions achieved.

Watch Mike’s full presentation here.