Data Driven Marketing: 5 Basic Tools to Try

by Figaro Digital

Using data to inform and measure marketing activity is an effective way of improving engagement, building brand awareness and increasing conversions. For the down-low on this, check out the Figaro blog series here.

But, how do you measure this data? And, are there any snazzy new online tools that are about to take the digital marketing world by storm? Here are some of the most popular analytical tools out there at the moment:

adwords logoGoogle AdWords

For businesses that believe online advertising is the way to go, the job cannot be completed without the use of Google AdWords.

PPC marketing using Google AdWords will ensure your brand reaches the right people at the right time, on a local or global scale. And with its numerous tracking and testing options, it can steer you in the direction of more effective campaigns.

Familiarise yourself with this advertising tool here.


analytics logoGoogle Analytics

Whether you’re looking to track the amount of traffic you get to a certain page, the way users navigate through your site or the best performing articles on your blog, Google Analytics can help.

This free solution will provide you with unrivalled insights in an easy-to-use dashboard that can display dozens of company projects in one place.

We couldn’t possibly sum up everything this tool can do in this short description, so check it out for yourself here.


majestic seo logoMajestic SEO

Majestic SEO is the go-to tool for many marketers seeking detailed analysis of a site’s backlink profile. It is known for its quick and easy-to-use, free analytical services that helps you to compare data with other sites, understand trend links and check anchor text.

Majestic SEO is an essential tool in any marketer’s belt, providing you with link intelligence for SEO, PR and mainstream marketing. Take a look at it here.


authoritas logoAnalytics SEO (Authoritas)

Authoritas, or Analytics SEO as it was known until a recent rebrand, is a data science-driven SEO and content marketing platform that allows you to forecast current traffic growth and fine-tune campaigns using insights.

Authoritas’ platform focuses on organic traffic and natural search topics, bringing to light new, untapped opportunities for possible ‘quick wins’.

Authoritas is all about ROI, so sign up for your free basic account here.


open site explorer logoOpen Site Explorer (SEO Moz)

Want to know what pages link to your site and highlight any potentially damaging traffic, or possibly find link-building opportunities? Then check out Open Site Explorer.

Open Site Explorer will reveal everything from the authority of your site and how spammy a link is to anchor text terms and comparing link metrics. Give it a whirl for free here.

New or Up-and-Coming Digital Marketing Tools for 2016

Quill Engage – A simplified version of Google Analytics-style data for the client who doesn’t quite ‘get’ all the report metrics you send them.
Quuu – Content curation that works with your Buffer queue. Submit your own content to see it shared to hundreds of users.
Narrow – Helping you to discover social influencers and grow your following using keyword and targeted hashtag analysis.
Cyfe – An all-in-one marketing dashboard that allows you to pull data from multiple platforms including Google Analytics and AdWords.

Have an analytical tool you can’t live without? Tell us all about it @Figaro_Digital.