Choice And Personalisation

by Holly Payet Edit Ltd

We live in a world where we are faced with a plethora of choices. It’s easy to feel like decisions are actually harder to make with information overload, so how do you still find a way to cut through the noise and get through to your customers?

Choice is often seen as a luxury. Having the ability to choose between twenty products, when in the past there was only a choice of two, feels like progress. But is it actually a good thing?

Too much choice creates two major risks to the brands that offer shoppers multiple options. The first is that a customer doesn’t feel good about the product they bought, perhaps because they panicked under the pressure of making the decision, or perhaps because they didn’t have enough information to make an educated purchase.

The second risk is that the customer makes no decision at all. And with consumers becoming more and more savvy, this option becomes more likely. After all, they know there are countless other places they could go for similar products, or to look at reviews on what they’re buying. They can go away and ask their friends or colleagues for advice. Each of these steps carries a risk of taking them further away from your brand.

So how can brands make customer decisions easier? What can you do to make it simple to choose one of your products, whether it’s choosing you over a competitor, or choosing between several of your offerings?

There are lots of tactics your company may choose to employ. You can offer fewer products, and pour your efforts into showcasing these well, maybe even becoming known for one particular product. A great example of this is the mattress disruptor brand, Eve, whose primary focus is to sell good quality mattresses.

But if your company sells multiple products, or multiple services, you need other tactics you can employ that will draw customer attention and give them the power to make a good decision, and your CRM strategy is key to this.

Review What You’re Sending To Customers

It’s a well known fact that the inbox has long been an overcrowded place. While the introduction of GDPR has helped with this, giving people control of how many brands they give permission to contact them, there is still a lot to be done in the individual emails themselves. And, now more than ever, there is little hesitation over pressing that ‘Unsubscribe’ button when content doesn’t quite hit the mark.

There are simple questions a brand can ask themselves about their emails and whether they’re helping or hindering customers make a choice. Is the design clear and consistent with the brand they may know from other places (in store, social media, to name a few)? Is the content easy to read (no one wants a wall of text)? And is that email tailored to the person who is receiving it?

Tailoring Your Communication

Personalisation is a tactic that is often cited as being important by both customers and brands, but it has also been labelled as one of the most difficult to implement. A recent survey by Ascend2 found that 63 per cent of respondents felt personalisation was the most difficult online tactic to execute in a digital marketing strategy.

Why is it so tough? Does the issue lie with the data? Are you capturing the right data? Without knowing enough about who your customers are, it will definitely be challenging to know how to be relevant to them. Is your tech set up in a way that makes it easy to make use of the data you have? Does it sit across multiple departments? Do siloes exist that mean no one group knows the full picture when it comes to who customers are?

My talk, Not By Choice: Preventing Indecision with CRM, at the upcoming Figaro Digital Email Marketing & CRM Seminar will look at how personalisation can be used in a number of ways to reduce the indecision that can come with too many choices.

Personalisation is a powerful tactic when used correctly, and I’ll go through some creative examples, as well as how your brand can move closer to that ultimate goal, one to one marketing.

Holly will be speaking about preventing indecision with CRM at our Email Marketing & CRM Seminar on Thursday 21 February. For more information regarding the event you can view the full agenda here.