B2B: Digital Marketing Spotlight Roundup 5 April 2018

by Caity Dalby, Content Manager, Figaro Digital

On Thursday 5 April, Figaro Digital were joined by B2B digital marketers at The Hospital Club, Covent Garden, for an informative morning of presentations and roundtable networking. Industry experts shared their insights and answered questions, covering the latest trends in B2B marketing. Here, we take a look at the key takeaways from the #FigDigB2B spotlight and roundtable.

Community Service: Building Customer Relationships In A Digital World

Fiona Fleming, Head of Content at AXELOS Global Best Practice, kicked off the mornings presentations by discussing the ways in which AXELOS is using digital technology to break the Fourth Wall to connect with customers and build brand awareness and loyalty. One of the main business challenges AXELOS faces, Fiona suggests,  is that like many B2B businesses they are several steps away from the customers that are actually using their products and it is the relationships with those selling the products that are often prioritised. Being so removed from customers and focusing on product led marketing doesn’t always engender engagement and loyalty, especially when the customer only ever feels that they are being sold to and not listened to. To counter these problems, AXELOS has developed an online community to encourage product feedback and foster direct interactions with over 170,000 customers in non-moderated Public Forums and Private Groups. Fiona explains that, though in its infancy, this community is absolutely invaluable and has already resulted in the development of a new product that will hopefully be released later this year. In this short presentation Fiona reveals how AXELOS is answering the question, when your business model means you’re always one step removed from your customers, how do you engage with them to help build your business and content strategies?

View Fiona’s presentation here.

Optimising B2B Websites And Landing Pages 101: Increase Conversion Rates And Lead Quality By 40%

The success of a marketing campaign or website ultimately boils down to the strength of a landing page in helping visitors convert. Let’s assume you’ve done all the right research and activity in getting the ‘right’ visitors, there is always room for improvement and there are various main areas you can test when optimising B2B websites. In his short presentation John Wilkes, Director of Search and Optimisation at Somebody Digital, digs into the specific tools, messages, and layouts that will get you the highest quality leads to covert. A conversion can be anything, whether your customers need to fill in a form, buy something, or add you on social media. What you decide a conversion is for your business and how deep you’re measuring the success of the leads that are coming into your business, are paramount in the optimisation process. John explains that conversion optimisation is not only making people do what you want them to do on the landing page but also optimising your budget to make sure that what you are doing is having the most significant impact on your conversion rates. Through case studies and client examples John took the delegates through the top five aspects of website optimisation you can test, from prominent and consistent sticky calls to action to call tracking.

View John’s presentation here.

Which Way Up Is My Customer Map?

Customer journey mapping is a pretty well-established discipline and perceived essential component of planning any digital activity. Freestyle Interactive‘s Founder, Alan Cooper, answers the big questions surrounding customer journey mapping in his short presentation: how detailed do you go? How many is enough? How do I know if they’re right? And how do you make sure that your lovely agency-designed map results in a better customer experience and improved business performance? Alan explains that the whole purpose for customer journey mapping is to identify improvements you can make in your business, your connection with your audience, and the ways you can adapt to them. They can be used actively in campaigns and particular activity planning, but are also invaluable when used for a longer-term strategic view on your business. However, Alan tells us, if you’re looking to resolve a single issue then don’t waste time and budget on a map. And remember, it’s a creative process!

View Alan’s presentation here.

How To Make Yourself An ROI Marketer: An Introduction To Attribution

Attribution is often defined as assigning value to each touchpoint in a customers purchasing or conversion history. In his presentation Sam Roberts, Digital Marketing Consultant at Liberty Marketing, explains why this definition just isn’t good enough and how this can scare marketers who are looking into attribution. Sam argues that not only does attribution allow you to align budgets and improve projections, it can help you prove to your boss and the board that you are a top marketer. By using a comedic and relatable example, the story of two people meeting and eventually having a baby, as a reflection of a customer purchasing or conversion history, Sam reveals the problems with first and last click attribution and why all marketers should be investing in attribution.

View Sam’s presentation here.

The 4 Cs Of Humanising B2B

In a data-driven world, has B2B marketing become too impersonal? Are businesses actually just talking to businesses and not the people within these businesses? How can we overcome these challenges? David Angus, Director of Search & Social at Curated, answers these questions in his presentation and takes us through the 4Cs approach to humanising your B2B marketing; context, content, conversation, convert. By offering these four key factors in a neat framework, David presents how you can revert the ownership of what you are doing to change your business context to have the best success. Humanising the process of B2B digital marketing.

View David’s presentation here.

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