B2B: Digital Marketing Spotlight Roundup 12 March 2020

by Eleanor Pyne Figaro Digital

Last Thursday (12 March), digital marketers braved the coronavirus to attend our B2B spotlight at h Club in Covent Garden. The morning event was a huge success, with a number of informative, thought-provoking presentations followed by a series of roundtable discussions, allowing brands to discuss their digital challenges with the speakers. And we even had hand sanitizer, provided by the team at Strange! Here is a short summary of the content covered in the presentations.

Market Brilliantly

Marketing tools have changed in both the B2B and B2C sectors, and it’s important for us to adjust and figure out how to make them work. We’ve all got a story of a time when no one took the time and effort to really understand us, to customise their services. Paul Crick, Strategy Consultant at Acoustic, gets us to look outside the bubble in which marketers and technologists find themselves, to deliver a more tailored service to B2B customers by bringing human and machine together.

View Paul’s presentation here.

Getting More from Less: A B2B Digital Marketing Health Check

The business environment is in a crazy state at the moment, with Brexit and COVID-19 forcing us into a sell more, cost less environment and making the efficiency of marketing spend really critical. Tech is enabling new market entrants, and customer expectations are heightening. Amazon has already branched out into the B2B sector, and it’s not going to be long before other consumer tech giants start to do the same. Paul Honey, Managing Director at Strange, discusses some areas within search that we should really be focussed on, and how we can drive more value out of our hard-pressed budgets to keep up with the changing business environment.

View Paul’s presentation here.

The Empathetic Marketer: Understanding the Human Element of Your Audience

About four years ago, LAB heavily invested time and effort in neuromarketing and developing psychological approaches to understanding people and experimenting how that would make them look more effective. Daryll Scott, Director of Human Technology at LAB, takes us on the company’s journey and provides some case studies to show how they use neuroscience in their marketing strategy.

View Daryll’s presentation here.

Content, Experience, Translation, and the Opportunity and Challenge in Having a Truly Global Voice in the B2B Sector

People consume content in different ways and, as a language service provider, Lingo24 sees many cultural differences in terms of reaction in different cultures. People tend to generalise quite a lot and that can lead us to make decisions that aren’t necessarily based on how people experience the world and those different digital touch points. Jeremy Clutton, Global Director for Sales and Partners at Lingo24, explains how the company is trying to merge the experiences and expectations of their customers and what is happening generally in terms of the opportunities there are for non-English speaking markets.

View Jeremy’s presentation here.

Aligning Sales and Marketing to Harness the Power of Digital Influence

James Mayhew, Commercial Director at Codehouse, gives his thoughts on aligning marketing and sales, and the power of influence as well as how you can digitally support the opportunities beyond the actual lead itself.

View James’ presentation here.

How to Create a Winning Video Marketing Strategy in the B2B Sector

There are millions of videos being put out there every second, so how is yours going to stand out?  Alex Jupp, Executive Producer at Hurricane, gives a quick masterclass on video marketing. He covers the importance of knowing where your audiences are on the customer journey, why using emotion is absolutely vital in video, and how to cut through the noise.

View Alex’s presentation here.