What is AdWords Dynamic Marketing?

by Figaro Digital

In the world of marketing, there are dozens of ‘buzzwords’ and industry-specific terms used on a daily basis, and sometimes one or two can baffle you.

One of the latest is ‘dynamic marketing’.

What is AdWords Dynamic Marketing?

‘Dynamic’ is a term used to describe automated, personalised advertising. AdWords dynamic marketing allows you to tailor ads to a specific set of criteria thanks to data collected via cookies and tracking data.

These work in real-time. When an ad request is sent to a server, it will pull a suitable creative based on the user’s data and the environment, such as the user’s browsing history or location.

This means you could be served a different ad to a person in the same office as you when viewing the same website.

Types of dynamic advertising include:

• Remarketing
• Managed content (basic dynamic)
• Feed content (advanced dynamic)

What Are the Benefits of Using Dynamic Ads?

Although the set-up is more extensive than with a standard ad campaign, the benefits will outweigh this for many marketers. Here are just a few pros of AdWords dynamic marketing:

Increased Relevancy

It is not uncommon for you to see ads that are not relevant to you, as targeting has been based on broad factors such as your age or gender. Well, dynamic ads put an end to this and will only show content that is relevant to you.

Focussed Spending

Rather than spending on ads that could be shown to anyone within the user journey, AdWords dynamic marketing allows you to target users who already have an interest in your sector or product and therefore are more likely to convert.

Ideal for Small Organisations

Basic dynamic ads help small companies get maximum impact from their digital marketing advertising budgets as banners can be updated a limitless number of times, meaning they’re relatively future-proof and cost-effective in the long-run.

Stand-Out Creatives in a Saturated Market

According to American experts, the average person is exposed to between 4,000 and 10,000 advertisements each day. With a high-proportion of these online, it may sound a pointless-battle trying to compete for attention, but dynamic ads can help you stand-out in this cluttered world.

If an ad is personalised, a user is more likely to engage with it. For example, imagine if an ad banner addressed you by name. We’re sure that would catch your attention.

Want to Learn More About Dynamic Marketing?

If this brief overview teaser of dynamic advertising using AdWords has peaked your interest, why not learn more about it, as well as other new PPC tips and tricks, at one of our digital marketing events?


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