3 Videos to Watch During Your Lunch Hour to Transform Your SEO

by Liberty Marketing

Looking to make the most of your free time? Whether it’s a boring commute or a long lunch, we have some interesting SEO videos to help you make the most of your time.

All three are around 20minutes long, meaning they’re the ideal dose to cram in all the essential top tips. So, from editing your website to measuring link building, here are three of our favourite SEO videos:

The SEO Way to Change Your Website
By Richard Foulkes 

Digital Marketing Consultant, Liberty Marketing

From redesigning a page or two, to giving the whole site a makeover, the average business (68%) now changes its website every 12 months, and it’s important to consider SEO when doing so.

If you’re considering an update, you’ll want to watch this. Richard talks about the things to consider when moving from Magento to Shopify, hosting provider or domain. As well as common problems, such as a loss of traffic after a redesign launch.

You may be surprised to hear that 37% of marketers did not measure any metrics for their last website redesign. And a surprising number of people forget to put Analytics tracking codes in place. Richard speaks about considering SEO before making any changes and using current data to inform developments.

Richard also notes that it is important to put redirects in place, as some platforms automatically generate their own URL structures, which could result in you loosing previously built up authority. The same goes for blog platform changes and the easy mistake of changing an onsite blog to a subdomain, or vice versa. Don’t get stung – redirect your blog pages!

Lastly, need some help migrating your site? Head to slide 18 (13mins).

Understanding Mobile SEO – Risks and Opportunities in 2016
By Nick Wilson 

SEO Lead – Global Channel Optimisation, Vodafone

Mobile internet use has grown exponentially in recent years and therefore so has SEO for this demographic. Mobile is now one of the fastest changing areas of online marketing and the primary way many of us now spend our free time – you may even be reading this on your phone.

In fact, as Nick reveals, 3 billion people are now connected to the internet and 50% of Google searches are now made from a mobile device.

In this video, Nick provides a basic overview of mobile SEO, introducing you to the main areas to focus on and key points to consider, such as app deep linking and ASO.

Nick says that one of the main issues that mobile needs to address is that, although many people are using their mobile devices to research, they’re not converting. The majority of conversions are still made via desktop and therefore many brands are now focusing on improving the user experience of their mobile sites.

Google recommends you do this by looking at four key areas: accelerate, engage, convert, retain. Nick runs through these in detail to help you future proof your mobile efforts using SEO.

How to Measure Link Building
By Stephen Kenwright

Director of Search, Branded3

Link building is an essential task for SEOs, but understanding the value of a link can be hard. After all, none of the metrics you can analyse cover this. So, how do you focus on quality links, not quantity, that yield results? That’s exactly what Stephen covers in this talk.

Stephen asks what makes a good link, a bad link and how do you measure whether links are doing what they’re supposed to be doing? He states that at Branded3 a link has to pass three checks: page rank, trust rank and traffic. He also notes that rather than domain authority, you should question whether Google trusts the site enough to send any of its authority to you.

Stephen also says you should take a look at your backlink profile and consider disavowing dodgy looking links, such as those to porn, betting, religious or political sites. However, did you know, even once disavowed, these links still contribute towards a site’s domain authority. Stephen thinks that this is a diminishing factor and you should only use these metrics as a last resort.

Want to know how you should measure link building? Then watch this video.

Don’t have time to watch a video during your lunch break? Then why not read a few short blog posts instead?

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