3 Videos to Watch During Your Lunch Hour to Transform Your PPC Marketing

by Liberty Marketing

Do you have half hour spare that you really want to make the most of? Then we’d recommend checking out one of the short pay per click videos below for a marketing masterclass that is condensed enough to fit in to your lunch break or commute.

Whether you’re looking to increase your ROI or delve into advanced AdWords capabilities, Figaro’s got the presentation video for you.

6 Must Follow Strategies to Increase Revenue and ROI from Paid Search

By Luca Senatore
Head of Business Development, Genie Goals

For an insight into the most effective strategies for driving sales and maximising return on investment, this is the half hour video presentation you’ll want to watch. In this talk, Luca discusses growth and optimisation tactics, with proven methodologies and actionable points.

Luca says there are six practical tips to growing profitable PPC accounts. These are:

  • Technology is key
  • Track everything
  • Understand your audience
  • Never stop testing
  • The growth cycle
  • The passion effect

Luca believes it’s important to look at the times and days that you get the most conversions, and to tailor your ad copy to suit. For example, for high CTR times, ‘buy it now’ calls to action are key. Whereas for more challenging times, when traffic is there but the conversions are not, he says you should promote newsletters or timely voucher codes to encourage return custom.

Did you know 73.5 million products were disapproved by Google Shopping in Q2 of 2015 due to an incorrect or broken feed? It’s a PPC marketer’s nightmare, but technology and tracking can help ensure this doesn’t happen.

For more top tips, watch Luca’s talk by clicking the video title above.

Integrating SEO and PPC to Maximise ROI

By Ian Harris
Founder and CEO, Search Laboratory

Ian recognises that SEO and PPC have changed, and there are now many facets to marketing strategies, however in this talk he focuses on two disciples and how, when used together as part of a wider marketing campaign, they can render great results.

We all know that mobile is quickly taking over desktop use, but are you aware that CPCs are increasing and the inventory (number of places you can show your ad) is decreasing. To make the most of this you should not lose sight of the commercial reality and what you’re trying to do – get a conversion.

Think about the last time you converted; why did you convert and what journey did you go on before purchasing? Analyse buying behaviours as “very few people have a single touch point”. Give people what they want and treat users differently based on their intentions. Then retarget them with your ad to encourage a conversion.

To close, Ian says it is important to carry on building performance marketing campaigns, but not to neglect the customer and to focus on audience building campaigns too. In a final note he says “If you can put a monetary value on socially engaged users, that’s when you can really maximise your marketing”.

Watch the full presentation video by clicking the title above.

How AdWords Ads Up: New Ways to Think About PPC

By Gareth Morgan
Founder and Managing Director, Liberty Marketing

As PPC marketers, you know how to run a campaign, but are you familiar with everything that Google AdWords has to offer? In this talk, Gareth provides a detailed analysis of some of AdWords’ more advanced features, like remarketing, RLSA, Gmail native and customer match, all of which can help you to gain insights and maximise your return. There are even some quick win tips you can put in place today!

As Gareth states in his opening speech, “My goal is to inspire you to think of pay per click a little differently” – so, how does he do this? Well, he recommends PPC techniques, like Gmail native ads, where PPC marketers can advertise products or services from the top of a user’s email inbox. This is highly targeted, allowing you to customise your audience by bidding on your domain, competitors’ domains and complementary products.

Another element to concentrate on is customer match. A relatively new option, few have mastered it. Customer match allows you to upload customer data into AdWords, so you can remarket to your email lists, as well as tracking across multiple devices, assuming the user is logged into their Google account.

Lastly, want a top tip from Gareth before you watch his video in full? Ad extensions are not used as much as they should be. It’s not true that the more ad functions you use, the more you pay and it’s these ad extensions that help you get the most advertising space on the page possible, improve CTRs and maximise your ROI.

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