3 Videos That Prove Data’s Importance in Marketing

by Liberty Marketing

With such a saturated marketing industry, strategy and data driven insights are more important than ever. From using analytics to influence your future content to real-time data dictating social behaviour, check out these 3 videos which highlight the latest tips from the marketing data world.

Driving Competitive Advantage Through Digital Transformation

By Peter Barker
Chief Technology Officer, Rufus Leonard

Peter thinks that ‘digital transformation’ is an overly used term, however he recognises the importance of understanding what it is and utilising key teachings in order to get results. In this presentation video, Peter uses the case study example of Stagecoach to show how his company uses data to keep loyal customers and encourage new passengers to use its services.

In order to meet Stagecoach’s goals, internal and third party data was released to inform and improve user experience. Data was used to create localised promotions and content, and all efforts were then measured to see how effective they were.

Peter says it’s important to test at all stages of the journey, looking at load sequencing and speed of interface components in order to optimise the website for any device and to monitor web performance.

To learn more about Rufus Leonard’s experience with Stagecoach, watch the full video presentation here.

Optimising Your Data Strategy

By Tom Manning
Head of Paid Media, Forward3D

In this presentation, Tom speaks of how data strategies don’t need to be overly complicated in order to maximise your return. He believes, although audience modelling techniques and third party data sources may seem appealing, they can be expensive and slow to implement.

He says ‘big data is inherently risky’. Instead, Tom, encourages marketers to use their logical, general common sense and a little experimental thinking to build a methodology that works without the hefty price tag.

According to a Google study of 3,000 URLS managed by the UK’s largest advertisers, 25% used DMPs and 51% data aggregators, but most of them weren’t using their own data to inform their actions. As Tom explains, these marketers are “jumping ahead and trying to do something more complicated than they need to be.”

The first steps should be to collect campaign data, such as impressions, clicks and CPC, and to combine it with conversion data on transactions, revenue and conversion rates, plus stock data, to see what is currently working… and what isn’t.

It’s “not just about the right data. It’s about how you use it.”

Watch Tom’s full video presentation here.

What Can Marketers Achieve if They Have Real-Time Website Data at Their Fingertips?

By Josh Beale and Eddy Swindell
Client Manager, Teradata Marketing Applications, and Co-Founder, Fresh Relevance

In this joint presentation, these joint business partners demonstrate the use of real-time customer data and how it can transform the work you do. They believe that with actionable data, you can create hyper-targeted and relevant campaigns that are sure to convert.

The pair state that knowing your customers is your customer advantage and therefore the more you know, the most affective your campaigns will be. Look at your customer’s lifecycle to see how you are acquiring, growing and retaining interest, plus real-time customer journey information to minimise online cart abandonment.

Then use online promotions, content and carefully placed CTAs to guide your customers where you want them to go. Plus, remarket to visitors to your site to recover those previously abandoned sales using relevant deals.

Watch Josh and Eddy’s full video presentation here.

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