We are Octopus Group, a sales-driven B2B marketing agency with a 15-year heritage communicating on behalf of technology brands. Our team is made up of marketing specialists, PR pioneers, design sages, social strategists, content masters, coders and research boffins. At Octopus Group we create content strategies that connect audiences with brands and transport them through to purchase. How our content affects buying intention is measured at every step. We combine the art of brand with the science of sales. It’s marketing alchemy. Octopus Group becomes a strategic partner for brands, tasked with helping them grow. Our scale, history and innovative core enable us to catapult businesses from brand awareness to sales conversion. We are the brand to sales agency.

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Billy Hamilton-Stent

Client Strategy Director
Octopus Group

Billy Hamilton Stent is a founder of Octopus Group with 20 years’ experience in the fields of research, marketing and communications.  As Client Strategy Director for the business he is responsible for strategic input to client planning, developing customer / audience insights and generating creative marketing campaigns that drive sales. Billy has worked with numerous IT brands since the early days of Octopus, from VC-backed start-ups to the uber-brands of the IT establishment. He has worked with 7 of the 10 largest tech firms (Forbes) in the world over the past three years, covering projects from re-branding, content marketing and account-based sales development.

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