We are a brand entertainment agency. Ultimately, we create cool stuff and get consumers to do something, feel something, think something and buy something. Hopefully all at the same time.



We combine our in-house design studio with awesome creative influencers to collaborate and create cool stuff.


Our in-house video production department creates award-winning video content, working with Oscar and BAFTA winning directors on occasion.


We build brands as well as market them. We keep our curious minds busy by working with a wide variety of brands rather than specialising on a specific sector or marketing channel.  


Our in-house strategy and insights expertise means all creative ideas are centred in delivering business KPIs. We create brand entertainment that actually sells.  


We work with partners to buy media intelligently. Your budget is not pre-determined by inventory already purchased, it’s bespoke for your needs. 


All content created by Media Bounty goes through the “who cares” filter to ensure we are creating entertaining content people want to engage with.


Our extensive blogger outreach programmes ensure we partner your brand with the very best influencers to add real value.


Social is at our core. We live & breathe it. All our content is produced with a social media amplification strategy. How/where consumers engage with it is just as important as the content itself.



Louise King

Head of Production
Media Bounty

Louise is Media Bounty’s Head of Production. She has a wealth of experience and extensive knowledge of the video production landscape, technical video trends, talent and process. Louise uses this to ensure campaign video content for brands is creative, effective and always produced with high production values.

Jake Dubbins

Managing Director
Media Bounty

Jake is Media Bounty’s Managing Director and Co-founder. He is a passionate believer in delivering first-class marketing campaigns that challenge the big global agencies on creative, results and price. When he isn’t working, he enjoys surfing and trying to influence the musical tastes of his two-year-old son.


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