Sebastian Thostrup

Software Sales Leader
IBM Watson Marketing

Sebastian Thostrup is the Software Sales Leader for Nordic for IBM Watson Marketing. He has more than 10 years of successful sales and leadership experience in a variety of high value B2B software and solutions markets, including digital marketing and SaaS.

With a pragmatic approach, he understands the complexities and challenges of defining an automated marketing strategy for a business, and ultimately implementing effective automated marketing campaigns that drive conversion, increase customer value, engender loyalty and provide relevant messages at the right time and in the right channel be that email, SMS or mobile push notifications.

Jeremy Waite

IBM Watson Marketing

Jeremy Waite is an Evangelist at IBM for Watson Marketing. He tells stories about IBM technology and share’s how some of the world’s most successful companies are using cognitive technologies and AI to make the world a better place. In past lives, Jeremy has owned his own agency, written some books, and worked for brands such as Nike, MTV, Rovio, LVMH, Uber, KLM, BMW and Vodafone. He has worked on strategic accounts with Facebook’s largest ad agency and led marketing strategy teams at Adobe and Salesforce. He has even spent some time as a giraffe keeper!

Justis Saayman

Strategic Marketing Consultant
IBM Watson Marketing

As a Managing Consultant at IBM Watson Marketing, Justis assists clients with the planning and execution of advanced marketing strategies or the management of integration projects to maximise marketing output. Essentially, he assimilates the marketing strategies of his clients to advise on strategically sound campaigns and hypothesis driven testing programs to achieve statistically significant results. The majority of his work revolves in understanding the client and maximising the effect of any and all marketing touch points be it e-mail, social, web or traditional marketing efforts.