We’re a digital marketing company with vast experience in search (both organic and paid) as well as content marketing, paid advertising, social media marketing, email marketing and affiliates / partnerships.

We have 11 years experience working with large brands (Dell, HP, Sony, Thomas Cook) to many SMBs and start-ups, in both the B2C and B2B space.

Our ‘curated’ approach is solely focused on our client’s goals rather than individual digital marketing channels working in silo.

We’ll take your brief and develop a curated digital marketing campaign that utilises a range of different techniques to achieve your goals whether its traffic driving, lead generation, ecommerce, brand awareness, engagement or all of the above, we’ll figure out the best and most efficient way to make it happen.


Media Publishing


Amy Shaw

Digital PR Manager

Monica Karpinski

Head of Content

Simon Douglass


Simon has 12 years’ experience in digital marketing, including seven years working for Google where he specialised in PPC for large technology companies such as Dell, HP, Nokia & British Telecom across the world. That was followed by five years working as Director at two digital marketing agencies: atom42 and Pancentric. Simon formed Curated Digital in July 2014 as an antidote to the traditional digital marketing agency. Curated is a digital marketing company which focuses on its clients’ goals rather than individual marketing channels.


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