Barracuda Digital is a search engine marketing company with a proven track record in delivering huge sales growth for our clients.


Mike Simpson

Head of SEO
Barracuda Digital

Mike Simpson is head of SEO at Barracuda Digital; the experts in cross channel digital marketing. His experience prior to joining Barracuda Digital includes Starcom, Reprise Media & Forward3D.

Anthony Tuite

Head of Digital
Barracuda Digital

Anthony heads up the delivery teams at Barracuda Digital and is responsible for strategic leadership. His background is in SEO and content strategy, but he believes in unified, cross-channel digital marketing, right through from objective setting to reporting. As a content experiment for Barracuda, he was responsible for creating the Panguin Tool, a much used tool for quickly checking how Google’s algorithm changes have affected your organic traffic.


Changing User Behaviour

Martin Dinham, Director at Barracuda Digital, considers the impact on search marketing of the constantly-connected digital consumer There’s no doubt…