Agency: Anicca Digital


Vélobici are a small local manufacturing and ecommerce business selling high performance cycling clothing. They are an existing client and we have been providing their PR since June 2015. In May 2016, we were asked to help them launch the new Continental cycle, which they had developed in collaboration with Kyklos.


The objectives for the campaign were to raise awareness of Vélobici (a leading cycle-wear brand and also a manufacturer of premium bikes), and to launch the Vélobici-Kyklos Continental (high end cycle) to the press and to consumers. Further objectives were to generate interest and website visits as measured by an increase in organic and direct traffic to the site, as well as engagement on social media, and to generate leads and sales  as measured by direct leads and ecommerce sales

ROAS target and budget

It was a 2-month campaign with a management fee of £1000 per month and an ad spend of £1000 (total of £3,000). The target was to achieve more than £15k of additional sales over 3 months – equivalent to a 5:1 ROI. Males aged 30 – 55 interested in cycling (with above average income) were targeted.


Pre-launch activities (June and July)

PR activities were to specialist and more general media (both traditional and online media). The landing page was created and optimised, with sneak glimpses of the bike. Facebook lead generation ads were used with Facebook interest targeting, and Facebook Clicks to Website ads using custom audiences, lookalikes and the existing fanbase. Organic posts were used to targeted audiences, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Launch Day 28th July

A Facebook Live interview with the business owner was run, giving background to the company and then demonstrating the new Continental cycle.

Post-launch activities

A sports journalist recording and write up of test driving the cycle, and follow-up press articles.


Awareness metrics

  • Number of cuttings:  16
  • Eyeball on article:  28.9K
  • Total Facebook reach: 322,741 (an increase of 280% above average)
  • Total Facebook Engagement: 11,260 (an increase of 91% above average)
  • Organic Facebook Live Video Views: 2,549 (an increase of over 1,200% above average)
  • Total readership: 3.8million
  • Reviews still to come on Bikeradar and Cycling Plus

Coverage in key publications, and European titles including:

  • Cycling Weekly
  • BikeBiz
  • PaperBike
  • Arueda (Spanish Online Magazine)
  • The Times

Acquisition metrics

  • Lead forms completed from social media ads = 156
  • Uplift in traffic during time of campaign = 6,934 in 24 days
  • Although the sessions returned to just above normal at the start of August, the revenue continued to grow.

Conversion metrics

Uplift in sales has continued for over 2 months after the end of the Facebook Live launch

The total website revenue during this period was £41,789.38 as compared to £8,112.39 in the same period last year – an uplift of £33,676.99 for an investment of £2,000 for management fees and £1,000 for ads.

In addition to the 156 leads/ email addresses collected from Facebook ads, there were 13 web leads enquiring about ordering the Continental cycle.

This campaign had a very limited budget for management and ad spend; plus a short lead time of only 8 weeks. However, it generated significant customer and media awareness, plus direct uplift in traffic, leads and sales. By using a range of integrated techniques including Facebook Live, it captured the imagination of the target audience and specialist cycle press.

Organic traffic was only up by 8% over a 3-month period but the revenue was up over 300%. Whereas, the total online sales were up by over 400% on last year, generating a ROAS of 11.2.

This case study illustrates how using a mix of social, search, traditional and digital PR techniques can be used to drive retail success, even with very small budget.