Agency: NewsCred

The Opportunity

Capgemini needed to engage in relevant, meaningful conversations with their target audiences to drive loyalty and thought-leadership. But how could they accomplish this in such a digital-first world? The answer is quality content. By building out a streamlined content production and distribution process, Capgemini saw a clear opportunity to build and nurture both new and existing relationships with CEOs, CIOs/CTOs, Business Unit Heads, and IT Managers.

The Solution

In 2014, Capgemini launched its digital hub, Content Loop, powered by NewsCred. The site is targeted to IT and business decision makers, and is powered with branded and licensed articles from leading publishers such as Forbes and VentureBeat.

Capgemini’s Content Loop provides a single content end-point for the user, saving time for decision makers and allowing them to be more effective in their day-to-day jobs. Capgemini continues to drive an increase in followers and engagement week after week by proving their thought leadership in cloud computing, business intelligence, and analytics.

“What I love about working with the NewsCred team is that everyone gives such personalised and dedicated service. Overall, the NewsCred service has been really smooth and friendly…it makes content marketing even more enjoyable.” Says Lyly Lepinay, group web content manager, Capgemini

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How They Did It

A single content hub

Content Loop enables Capgemini’s audience to find relevant, useful content at the right place and at the right time.

Rather than users having to jump around the web to gather a full picture of the stories relevant to them, Content Loop provides a single end-point for the user. This saves time for these decision makers and allows them to be more effective in their day-to-day jobs.

In addition, much of the content that is being published on the Content Loop is backed by Capgemini experts. This backing builds trust and promotes Capgemini and their experts as thought leaders that are interested in more than simply selling services.

Scaling content production processes

Capgemini works with NewsCred’s editorial services to save time and streamline the process of selecting the best articles for the site. NewsCred’s editorial services works around the clock to curate a list of suggested articles, from which the Capgemini editorial team selects and approves 6-12 articles per day.

These business and technology news articles further increase the visibility of the Capgemini experts and help them forge relationships with business and IT decision makers.


Hyper-targeting distribution on LinkedIn

  • A LinkedIn API enables each visitor to see the stories most relevant to their professional profile and interests
  • Capgemini shares content to its LinkedIn page which drives to the Content Loop
  • LinkedIn Sponsored Updates are utilised to maximise the reach of best-performing content
  • Content Loop includes links to Capgemini experts’ LinkedIn profiles, helping to turn engaging content into potential sales leads



Capgemini now has 11 licensed content news sources, with 220 articles published every month to Content Loop. The company has seen huge savings of 500 per cent from using NewsCred.

Achieving that kind of scale through original content would have required an army of freelancers and an in-house editorial team to manage process and payments, and at the standard industry rate, it would have cost Capgemini nearly $62K per month.

The increase in traffic has been substantial, with Capgemini acquiring 87,855 new LinkedIn gained in the last six months, bringing them to 570,583 LinkedIn followers to date. They have had 358,719 new unique visitors to Content Loop, and a huge 1,800,000 article shares, 69 per cent of these via LinkedIn.


Continued Success

Content Loop has been continually developing from the day it was launched.

Through continually innovating and updating the site, Capgemini has been able to ensure continued growth. In fact, Content Loop was so successful, Capgemini went global.

In May 2014, Capgemini launched in Brazil with a mixture of Portuguese sources, high-performing English content from Content Loop, and translated content from Reuters, Bloomberg, Efe, and EuroNews.